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Arab League criticized the role of "negative" .. The Arab-nationalist orientation parties Tunisia Tunisia's Arab summit results are afraid of Tunisia.

Arab League criticized the role of "negative" .. The Arab-nationalist orientation parties Tunisia Tunisia's Arab summit results are afraid of Tunisia.

Posted in Morning News on 23 – 03 – 2019

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Some representatives of the Arab nationalist parties in Tunisia were worried about the Arab summit in Tunis on March 31 that did not respond to Arab interests, criticizing the positions of the majority in the Arab Regimes.
Representatives of these parties agreed that it would not take them as an "expired" League of Arab states, as sharp as the Arab nation's targets and some Arab regimes and part of the crisis that had been destroyed in parts of the Arab world. Normalization with Zionism.
The General Secretary of the Popular Movement Zuhair al-Maghazawi said that the Arab League has "ended" since the beginning of the invasion in Iraq "since its inception and participation in 1991," after the abolition of the Palestinian cause, the destruction of Libya and Yemen has lost its legitimacy in recent years. Syria, in his opinion.
He warned the ruin of the Arab world, because its army had dismantled and caused the Algerian League to "transform more than its interests as defenders of the nation", said the hope that it would be injected into the next summit in the Blood Arab world.
In this context, after al-Maghzawiek destroyed Arab countries after destroying many Arab countries, they found solutions to invading the Arab world and restoring Syria's Arab League against the American war against this decision.
On the other hand, the Secretary General of the Popular Movement Zuhair Hamdi has said that national parties will not hope in the Tunisian event a month later, the Arab League organization "could not make decisions to alleviate the crisis of the Arab peoples a few years ago." .
He underlined that some Arab regimes, particularly Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, are encouraging "an attitude of opposition to the Arab peoples" and "hegemony" to unite the Arab opinion industry as they say, all of which are involved. This would suppress the Palestinian cause and emit other countries like Libya and Syria.
Al-Maghazawi added that the dominant powers were "collaborating with Gulf countries, such as Iraqi, Syrian and Middle Eastern Libyan Arabs, and to eliminate Egyptian Arab rulings," he said, probably, the results of the summit "interests of the major countries It will cost and offer them other steps in the context of the normalization of the Zionist organization, and the agreement of this century for the Syrian sustainability. "
The Arab Summit will be held under the United States and said that the establishment of the Gulf and Palestinian Palestinian Palestinians will end the Palestinian Palestinian Palestinian occupation outside of the Palestinian occupied territories and the right of asylum to end the right of asylum. The years that have been hostile to the Arab nation, "and they will not be resolved in Yemen and Syria.
Baath Party agrees with the same opinion. Osman Belhadj Omar, a member of his political office, has said that the Arab states' (Arab representative of the official system) "have no interest in Arab", to face Zionism or any type of integration. In addition, the Iraqi regime has overheated and approved the normalization of relations with Zionism from Beirut in 2002, calling for the need to change the system under Arab states for 45 years.
"With the United States and its president, establishing open relations with Donald Trump," and after deciding to transfer Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the past, he decided to recognize the sovereignty of the High Golan of Israel. 52 years old.
Nowadays, it accused the Arab regime in opposing areas against the Arab national security. In which the part of the party came across Zionism, another part that was aligned with the colonial powers, considering that these systems lag behind the historical and Arab moment.
He called the Arab League to change his vision, establishing a common Arab goal and achieving it, such as supporting Arab national security or any type of integration, or dealing with Iran's murders by Iran and the United States.
The choice of unity and integration to boost the economic, social and political situation in Arabia is a cheap option. Arab countries have enough resources (2/3 of world energy production and 70% fertile land), asking for the Arab League. Build and practice with other countries.
The Gulf states have called for Tunisia to invest in a free, democratic and privileged country, and Palestinian people, half of which live under the auspices of the United Nations Assistance and Labor Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), to help reduce it.
It should be underlined that Tunisia has held its Arab Summit on March 31, 2019, in its thirtieth session on rising Arab crises and conflicts, taking into account the differences in views and opinions on Arab affairs. (Edit Watt / Adel Riahi)


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