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Do you break a pipeline game?

Saudi Arabia has expanded its social networking sites to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or "bopji". # Awqoobbaji campaign was the most widespread Hachtagat in the United Kingdom, with more than 15,000 entries, between Hahtaghag opponents and opponents.

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What is a Bopji game?

The game is a battle of many players involved in different parts of the world.

For every game, 100 players are landed on a map filled with cabinets and different weapons and fight each other, all die and a person or group will survive.

The duration of the game may be over half an hour.

The game extends to Saudi Arabia, the most popular games of the Google App Store and the App Store's second iOS .

The death and divorce cases of young Egypt and Iraq were seen as a result of the game.

Personal situation

Boubaji is one of the most commendable electronic games in the world. Nowadays, many players give up many hours and they are very damaged.

Bobji has got a new record, more than 30 million users a day.

"My life changed when I started to play this game, I did not sleep a lot, and sometimes, when I flew from work," he said on a game that had no name.

"I did not flee in the game, because it was just to think of getting away from me, I spend most of it".

Medical diagnosis

Bobjiri is one of the most exciting fighting games.

Some studies suggest brain benefits while other studies increase insulation.

The Kuwaiti psychiatrist, Haya al-Mutazi, said the BBC: "The spacing between parents and children, and the reason for modern education is easy access to these games and addictions."

He added: "I do not think it is a reason for the distinction between couples, but the relationship between the members of the civil relationship is being divorced."

"This is a new type of addiction, buying, buying games and drugs is very similar," said Huda. "He begins to think carefully and a person gives a great deal of thought and becomes addiction during his time"

"All kinds of drug addictions and many problems arise, and addicted people in the social environment are committed to development, growth and maturity, and something superficial does not develop mental, emotional, physical, or even healthy abilities."

Opponents of the game

When returning to social networks, Hishtag # Awqo_bubji favored the game aside from religion, family and work.

Game games

On the other hand, some believe that Boubaji is not lost time but wisdom.

"It's the first thing you can do to jump off your baby's clothes, the first thing that will respond to your mother, and if you need to live, you must fight and fight weapons and survive. Everything that goes away, and if you do not die, you will not leave, and when you die, you will go out and you will have a box that will get your belongings and weapons and your age.

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