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Events with the 19th moon and what you will do after the whole moon

We continue with you on the MBC channel and a series that shows the light of the series, a clear moon, a series that saw the admiration of many spectators, attracted millions of people the first episode after the show, the moon is a drama talking about ghosts. And the witch of southern Egypt, like the story of the last camel's last camel, will show you the details of the new episodes of the famous Arab series in our Nile, and all the fans praised him with admiration.

A series made up of the moon

The story of the series tells the story of a family family who wants to move on to the midwife poverty and the grandchildren's grandchildren's illness and family poverty. His family is in the treatment of granddaughter and surpasses the problems that face, but when his grandfather sells the house of the Guaman family, the story of a series formed by the moon begins when the moon is formed.

The time of a series is shown when the moon is over

The series will be broadcast at 10 pm at Cairo's time and at 23 pm with KSA and mbC via channel 1 and discuss issues of magic in this series. Follow us to track the third episode.

It should be noted that the wonderful series full of moon is three in the morning, and a second repetition is between eight and a half pm.

When the moon is over

The admiration of the moon in a series of lunar series in a very short time, when you perform the fourth chapter presented at the MBC, you can continue.

You can see section 19 of the series when the moon is very exciting, especially after the life of the family home. Follow us and we will monitor the incidents of the Kuwaiti series.

Series 19, when the moon is full, Farid Khaled's grandson is Farfan Al-Hayat, but a fairy cat appears to explain Khaled's death, but his father was afraid of Khaled's death. Section events for the first time to continue on our site.

Follow us on our Nile news, a few hours and the 19th of the series. The episode will be presented at the end of the series satelite and has achieved a great deal of time.

When the moon is over

This episode is exciting for Jamban, who heads the family, ghosts and problems, following the show's 19th episode.

In a few minutes, at the end of the moon in the nineteenth century. Follow the section to control the details of the first sections.

Follow us and see what the moon is and what is Juman Flowa.

The moon 19

Very interesting episodes of chapter 19 and what Jaman and Falawak do when the moon is over. Follow us and show it on the MBC series of channels.

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