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Frequency of "Tuning" channels, conveying series of 125 sections of the "V section" of Argerel revival, translated from Nile Sat and Turks

The Turkish historical Artagrel series is one of the best Turkish dramas that have been spread throughout the Arab world and Turkey. For this reason, the means of transport will be shown through this article, we can see the Artagrill Group V series, despite the fact that a lot of the series and the time is approaching, the dramatic work is rising dramatically in the Arab region. The success of this series is solely for the Arab world or Turkey, but it extends to other countries, such as Greece and Armenia.

Ertgrel series is a Turkish series. It tells a major part of Islamic history, the beginning of the Ottoman state, which was the rule of Islamic rule over the centuries. Artgrele, his account, is "Aita" Osman's story, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, who unites the Turkic tribes and fights his enemies thanks to his power and power.

Artgrel Channel Channels

Channel name Frequency moon
Qatar television 10719 V 27500

11604 V 27500

Nile Sat

Suhail Sat

4Shbab TV Egypt 11315 V 27500 Nile Sat
Yarmou University 11678 27500 horizontally Nile Sat
TRT 1 HD Turkey 11054 V 30000 Türksat 42 ° E

The series is free and open in all channels, which is broadcasted once a week, specifically, on Wednesdays, at 8:00 p.m. In Egyptian times, the ninth of Saudi Arabia, a trt channel, broadcasted on the Turkish satellite, but the series will be in the native language and there is a Qatar channel. Mdbalja series on Thursday, at eight in the afternoon, and the Egyptian Shabab hood, at 6:00 p.m.

The "Argarelen Berpizkunde" series is broadcasting in more than 23 countries around the world, and after several successive past editions, more than one language is being translated. But he said that the fifth part of the series will continue until mid 2019.

All audiences can see the new series section This link

The issue number 124 of the "Arjerlal Resurrection" series was released on the Al Nour website See full section 124 It was also invited through the channel, after the broadcasting part of the 124 episode, on the afternoon, they witnessed conflicts and interesting events, which are being watched by the viewers next section of the next Artegril resurrection.

Al-Nour has launched a new version of Artegrele Turkic Artegrel on the web site and gives them great quality for all who follow dramatic dramas. Also, Yarmou presented a passage based on the channel.

The Turkish series known as Muslim around the world is known and the rate of viewing of Internet passages is very high.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the events of the 125th anniversary of the "Argerel Resurrection" event after the development of the last part of the Turkish history.

Part V's 125th issue will be broadcast on Wednesday by TRT Turkish television and a two-hour visit will be available through the Arabic-language Al-Noor TV website.

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