Thursday , January 21 2021

Huawei plans to support next-generation phones with liquid lens technology

Chinese giant Huawei has developed liquid lens technology to support distinctive versions of the company’s phones, and recent reports indicate that Huawei has reached the final stage of testing liquid lens technology ready to support the next generation of the company’s phones.

The “liquid lens” technology developed by Huawei aims to bring significant improvements to the focus and stability of image function, along with improvements in focusing time, as liquid lens technology reduces focusing time to a few milliseconds to match the human eye’s autofocus.

In the leaks, Liquid Lens technology will also be used by Huawei in the early days of the TV camera to replace the Chinese giant with mobile lenses, as it decides to change the liquid shape through variable voltage to focus lighting more effectively in a specific location.

In addition, liquid lens technology is comparable to automatic life compared to traditional motors that support autofocus, and Huawei’s liquid lens technology comes with Sony’s IMX782 sensor, which was officially announced later.


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