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«I did everything and I had days in the bricks and tile of the University»


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Sameh Hussein: "I have done all the measures and I have been in the Shell and Tubal days of the University", on the Sun's Square on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

Sameh Hussein revealed his work under the direction of art. He said: "Need, debate, qualification, mourning, carpenter, employee,

At the beginning of the artistic work he worked to meet his basic and material requirements, then worked as an assistant director at the art center and opened a small production company.

Regarding the next piece of art, in the second half of December, he will complete a new program "The Role on Maine", a program related to gaming and improvisation ideas. "I've filmed 14 movies and I admire people and work in more than one world, a Middle East operation."

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Source: Shorouk Gate

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