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International Veterinary Day … 5 diseases transmitted by animals


The International Day of Veterinary Medicine is celebrated on the last Saturday of World April, and this time we know about the most important diseases transmitted to humans ","health24"He said.

Animals and animals can be contaminated with zoonoses. These diseases are transmitted to humans from animals, and vary according to light and deadly. Zoonotic diseases can have a very low impact on animals but can cause human death.

Here are 5 top 5 transmitted animals

Cat scratch disease (CSD)

A person may be infected with this bacterial infection when an infected cat is bitten or bitten, but the cat can also transmit the disease if the wound gets in the human body.

This disease is caused by a bacterium called "Bartonella Hensell".

Illnesses, fatigue, headache and symptoms of lymph nodes are just 14 days after the initial infection and may cause brain disease or the optic nerve inflammation.


2- Listeria disease

There are bacteria Listeria monocytogenes Birds and beasts can be transported to humans by taking infected animals or dairy products from dairy cows.

Symptoms come from headaches and discomfort, and in some cases, the lower allergy may be severe.


3. Rage

Rabies is a common disease that causes death, causes worldwide 59,000 deaths, and deaths of rage occur in Africa and Asia 95%.

Rabies can be transmitted by humans through the bite of an infected animal.

Symptoms include fever, incontinence, hyperactivity and water fear.

The parasite of rabies, which accounts for 30% of cases of rabies in humans, can gradually paralyze and eventually lead to death.

Q fever
Q fever


These bacterial infections can be transmitted from animals to humans to easily dust poisons, urine or milk in an infected animal.

Severe infections can occur in goats, sheep and cows, and may lead to pneumonia and hepatitis.

People with symptoms: fever, night sweats, nausea, stomach ache, nausea and vomiting.


5. Pest

In most cases of pests in Africa, this animal disease can be deadly in untreated universes.

Oils are frequently transmitted by rodents or infected fleas. The symptoms of plague have begun to appear within 6 days, and people who are afraid of breast cancer suffer from severe breast and sudden fever.

If left untreated, the bacteria can enter the blood circle and the plague may result in septic. Bacteria can also enter the lungs and lead to a lung disease.

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