Wednesday , January 20 2021

Lebanese women ministers respond to discrimination against male colleagues

The four ministers of the Lebanese Government pay close attention because they have a kind of gender and do not adhere to it.

No small spots are located below the microscope, compared to the errors of their ministries.

"The challenge of women's problems is not the whole system that governs the country," said the minister of administration, Mehdi Chidiac, working 16 hours a day to complete his files.

"I was professionally, I did not feel like a woman when I took a post at a senior management position, I felt the person in charge of public affairs, but they proved more challenging than I needed," said Asharq Al Awsat. Eyes are open to all women who do it, and to limit them, they are proven to be trustworthy to family obligations, to be able to combine family and work responsibilities. "

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"As a first woman of the Ministry, I felt more responsible and questioned than the men of the ministries," said Wafaa Al Deeqa, National Minister and National Women's Authority. I actively participated in the writing of the electoral law, I was preparing the parliamentary elections in 2004, and I was working on the participation of women's contributions and a special element of women's political work. I fought for the first time. In collaboration with women's organizations ".

Women make up around 53% of Lebanon, but participation in public affairs continues below the level required for the level of education and the ability to work in different sectors.

These figures show that the proportion of female women in public administration is 31% and the male percentage is 69%. The first category occupies only 10% of female workers, 15% in the second level of public service, and 31% of women's general positions are concentrated in the fourth category.

"Women's anti-discrimination discrimination starts off with corruption, women are deceived by sex at the time, for example, women are not good at management or a huge loss and no men's diplomats do not complain of corruption. Women are helping women in racism It is not easy to replicate weight expressions (half-minded women) or similar methods that reflect this racism. "" Its responsibilities include 1,200 workers. In the face of the administrative problems that the reforms sought, the men who worked with him remained restless while waiting for the bankruptcy. "When they turned to backward-facing radical measures, everyone fled to lose their privileges to seek satisfaction."

"The percentage of participation in official women and public welfare is not good, and the numbers are not worthy of the level of education and enjoyment of women in Lebanon There is a clear, but not at the upper level, marked by a large number of women in the public sector, in the case of men inequalities in female enrollment in university education, and it is also striking in many specialties, it should be taken into account that women have high education and essential skills and do not enter the labor market. "

As the six women and four women in the Lebanese parliament arrive at the ministry, they say: "The fight for 30 years or more began to be a struggle, accompanied by the ability of politicians to enrich the balance of women, but we are at the beginning of the road and, in my opinion, the government demands equality."

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