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Nassif Zitoun singing before Wadih al-Safi and receiving help from George Wasouf … What is her lover?

Since winning the title of Star Academy and rising its stars every day, it has become among the stars of Syria and the Arab world, one of the Arab artists of Arab and foreign countries.Nassif Zeitoun is a thirty-year-old artist.

His life

Naseef Zaitoun was born in the province of Damascus, his father Elias, his mother Samia, brother Anas and his sister Nancy, grew up in Newtouz in a country in Damascus.

He studied translations at the University of Damascus in the will of his family, but wanted to learn music. The Music Institute of Music presented his work, but for the first time did not pass.

Nassif Zaitounen graduated in Higher Music Institute – East Song and gave several concerts at the Damasko Opera House, with the participation of Coral Marcel Khalife.

Star Academy

Nassif Zaitoune attended the talent show "Star Academy 7" at the end of 2009 and presented Al-Safi Al-Safi singers and mountain songs. During the afternoon appearances of the program, the songs moved between different rhythms. He moved his presence and voice at the end of Wadih Al Safi. George Wassouf and Elias Karam, as well as entering into the danger area corresponding to the duration of the program, and admire the admiration of professors in the Academy.

In the final section, it achieved the highest percentage of all Star Academy seasons, and the competitors exceeded the high margin. In total, 65.21% of the votes were won, Rahma Riad of Jordania's professor and Mohammad Ramadan's leader in Jordan, and Rola Saad, the president of the Academy, was honored. Checking $ 50,000 and signing a 2010 car and channel management contract management company for the first time in Star Academy.

Mountain song

"I learned adult literature, and when I sang with her, I felt standing before the mountain. On March 3, 2010, when I sang with her, I was dreaming to sing on stage, and it was a great surprise to share my song and I had a secret secret saying, my song was not saying correctly in the daytime.


Nasif Zeitoune sang the song "Alheiba", along with the song "Majbour". The success of the song has increased in Arab and Gulf countries. "I was impressed by the song they need for me at weddings".

The seventh part of the "Alheiba-Return" episode was finally revealed in the appearance of "Jabal Sheikh Mountain" in Nassif, the star of Syrian actor Tim Hassan.

The first appearance of Nassif comes as a "truck" and it occurs in the Arab world, whose true power is a special scene of the artist, not as a representative of a certain role in the series as a symbol of excellence in the series as a stunning and stunning audience element.

The presence of Nassif Zeitoune limited the interview between him and Jebel. The scene is silent, but there is a long conversation inside, so as to calm down a mountain of Nassif and say, "Do not leave!" Especially after the mighty and misfortune of the "Megabur" mountain, to make it public.

Father's death

In the middle of 2018, Nassif Zaitoun lost his father in the Syrian city of Damascus after suffering from the disease. Wurie at the end of the family tombs, in the Bab Sharki field.

Nasif Zeitoun is known for his family and especially for his father. He often expresses his love and longing for his long appearances, especially as Nassif lives in Beirut, while living in Damascus.

After a few days of father's death, Nassif sent an emotional message from father's father: "My father, I am sorry for my tears, who pardon me, God is in favor of your soul and soul."

In his conversations, Nassif Zaitoun had to call the men of the house, father's house man in his life and after his death, and he admits that he is now afraid of his family and loses one of them.

Father always asked him whether he would pay special attention to his brother and decided to keep the whole family together.

Social networks

In his meetings, Nassif Zaitoun insisted that social networks have played an important role in the spread of their songs and other songwriting songs. "Through social media and on the other hand, through a music work, I am sure that my singing career is starting today, it would be easier for me, and I try to present some of the extraordinary works that I can not show today." The difference between others has been very difficult because social networks have facilitated the process of copying ideas. "

"When I look at the artists I had before, I would like to point out that some of them were broken, I realize that it is not wild, but with all the angry media," he said. Or the opposite, the age of the song is a proportion of million viewers, and sometimes millions;

Love and attachment

Nasif Zaitun always tries to keep his personal life remotely and reaffirms that he is not a lover or a woman of his life, and focuses exclusively on his art and songs.

In the last two years, Habiba Nassif Natasha Samaan is a beautiful Lebanese girl. But the subject is a bit shut and it is no longer circulating, especially since Nassif does not reveal his personal news. However, pioneers of social networks can not provide any details. Nasifa published a photo that she practiced in the Libanian region of Flora. A few days later, Natasha published an image in the same area and Nassif reflected on her sunglasses. All languages

Everyone Nassifek met Zeina Aftimi's citizen in the Star Academy episodes, without explaining why they broke the program at the end.

His collections:

The 2014 "Ya Silam" album, composed of 12 songs, "You're free, Rababa's voice, I'm not blind to you, O birds of darkness, after your number, your patience is high."

"Tall El Yom" (2016), with 10 tracks, "Ana Jaya, Khalas Aesthi, Barba, has exceeded your limits all day, at any time.

Individual songs:

Qadwa and Qods (2015)

سوريتي هويتي (2016)

What did you call (2016)

Growth requirements (2018)

Badi Yaha (2018)

Music Songs:

– Free Remix (2013).

– Rababah's voice – I'm not confident (2014).

– Nami Aseidi (2015).

– Kouda and Qudud (2016).

– Barbak (2017).

– Growth requirement (2018)


– Title of the Star Academy 7 in 2010.

– Best Arab Artist Award in 2013

– "The New Arab Song Star" in 2013

– Murex Award 2013

– The Arabia Music Awards (Arab Music Awards) have won two awards for the best 2016 album and the 2017 phenomenon.

– Murex Dur Award for Best Teen Singer of 2017.

– Murex Dur Award for "Majbour" for the "prestigious" award for 2018.

You can not know about Nassif Zaitoun

"I do not think reading books or showing me that I am a human being," he says. "All this gives a fantastic fantasy world, it motivates me to renew my thoughts."

His hobbies also read poetry, learn about what he loved and enjoy listening to Yasser Al Tuwaijri's poetry. He said: "My dream was a poet and my poetry was thrown out."

Nasif Zitoun describes herself as "super moody", she loves herself and has a space that always communicates herself.

He admits that the sweet word and tinge of tenderness give it a good and quiet humor, free of anxieties and tensions.

At the end of 2018, he achieved only one achievement. He had just downloaded two thousand headphones to his music application on his page ($ 291.6 million) and a YouTube channel ($ 709.4 million).

In September of 2018, the "Artea" website has asked the viewer, which one of these stars is the most important thing for you? Nasif Zaitoune scored the first position, 58%, Faris Karam, 23% and Rami Ayash, third place, 19%.

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