Monday , January 18 2021

President Z: We will focus on young people like Europe

Ahmed Diab, CEO of Sports Investment Company “Z”, has confirmed that his management will depend on the youngsters after the purchase of Masr Club, which has dropped to the lowest level in the Premier League.

At a press conference announcing the acquisition of Z Club Egypt, Diab said: “We have been offered several Premier League shopping clubs, but we prefer Club Egypt.”

“We will have our greatest dependence on young people, 60% of European clubs follow the same approach and we are interested in exporting talent and we have already started in the youth sector,” added the Z president.

Diabe added, “We managed to form a strong sector and set up a partnership with Borussia Dortmund in this area, which does not diminish our interest in the first team, after acquiring a majority stake in the Misr Football Company, which owns the Masr Club.”

The President of Corporation Z concluded: “We thank Michael Salgado, an advisor to the international junior championships, and will expand to all levels next time. and we need all the support in all areas of sport, we chose the path of construction because it is the most difficult. “

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