Friday , January 15 2021

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Khamen continued Iran's development of a missile program
New York Times: Jared Kouchner's brother visited Saudi Arabia
Brussels proposes two options for delaying brix and London agrees
New Zealand builds two mosque victims of Massacre .. Azan and silence and prayer minutes
New Zealand .. A public and official remembrance to the massacre of two mosques Massacre and to the prayers of Azán and Friday.
Trump talks about recognition of sovereignty over Israel over Golan, Turkey and Russia are warning
A new investigation. Al Qahtani used an Israeli company to spy on Qatar and Turkey
With a top level representation .. Mahathir Mohammed arrives to Pakistan
600 million open password. Cambridge Analtica plays on Facebook again
NATO announces that two US soldiers in Afghanistan will be killed
Women in New Zealand wear hijab with Muslim victims
Russian Foreign Ministry confirms change of the Golan Heights when the Security Council violates direct United Nations resolutions
Damascus denounces the "innocent" annoyance of Trumpen's "Highlands of the Gulf"
Pray for life … Muslim days in New Zealand
Barham Saleh, President of Iraq, will arrive in Mosul to continue developing the ferry that runs into the Tigris River