Thursday , January 28 2021

The Earth is the next weekly weekly monitor!

The Earth is the next weekly weekly monitor!


The Earth is inhabited by asteroids watching 2013!

NASA warned "approach" Earth's space objects on Tuesday, August 29, on Tuesday, January 29, along with another asteroid.

The asteroid on Tuesday will be named "2013 CW32" for the first time in 2013. Its circumference is 250 meters and it has 36,775 kilometers of trips.

It is expected to move around the Earth at 6:54 p.m., at a safe distance of 5020.654 km (14 times the distance between Earth and Moon).

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Asteroid "Apophis"

In fact, an asteroid passes through Earth to Earth, but is much smaller. "AN11 2019" was the first time this year was 28,000 kilometers per hour.

Unfortunately, asteroids are difficult to see through telescopes, which are often very small and weak, with different levels of reflection.

NASA has identified 10 "Near Earth Objects" as the closest flight to the planet in November.

But the good news is that asteroids usually tend to approach our planet, so there's no intention.

"When these rocks are in the sun in the orbit, NEOs sometimes have a better chance of approaching our planet," said NASA.

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