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The number of AIDS cases in Russia has decreased


The number of AIDS cases in Russia has decreased

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Alexei Mazos, the main AIDS specialist at the Russian Ministry of Health, said that the situation related to the outbreak of AIDS has stabilized in Russia.

He said this in a speech at a conference on AIDS prevention and treatment.

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According to him, Russia was able to maintain a high and qualitative level when this disease broke out to help AIDS patients, and was able to ensure the right amount of drugs.

As for most medical centers in the Russian regions, they stressed not to interrupt the process of caring for patients with AIDS.

In a press conference on World AIDS Day, Mazus said the number of new infections in Russia is declining.

He added that AIDS no longer affects young people in Moscow, as it is no longer considered a disease for young people.

And Mazus expressed hope that an effective AIDS vaccine would appear in the world. He said Russia is in the process of developing some vaccines against it, as a patient can get rid of this dangerous disease with an injection.

Source: Novosti

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