Wednesday , November 25 2020

Women activists and political prisoners were subjected to “Saudi assaults and sexual assaults and torture”.

Mohammed bin Salman

The report on the human rights history of Saudi Arabia and the report on the sexual and physical abuse of women activists in prison, the conflict in Ethiopia and the Covid-19 to prevent nose sprays are among the most notable issues published by British newspapers on Sunday.

It is initially a report by The Independent and Maya Oppenheim, a reporter for women’s issues, entitled “Women Entrepreneurs and Political Prisoners Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted, Tortured, and Executed by Saudi Activists”.

The author says in a report by a human rights group that women’s rights activists and political prisoners have been sexually assaulted and tortured and killed in prisons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

A report shared with The Independent alone says 309 political prisoners have suffered human rights violations since 2017 when Prince Mohammed bin Salman became the kingdom’s top prince.

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