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World news today – an expert predicts problems with the operation of old smartphones

World News Today World News Today – An expert expects problems with the use of old phones, news source – news agencies with news details. An expert expects problems with old phones:

World News Today – Sunday, November 22, 2020 at Source Science Academies

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Sergey Kuzmenko, Ross Kachostvo, a leading specialist in testing digital products for the Russian company, told Prime Agency that version 7.1.1 and earlier Android operating system owners could face many problems next year.

According to him, in September 2021, the DST Root X3 certificate signed through encrypted sites will expire. That’s what Let’s Encrypt and IdenTrust have been doing since 2015, as they still haven’t been able to agree to renew the certificate.

The expert explained that if nothing changes, owners of devices using Android 7.1.1 and earlier will not be able to access about a third of the websites, as there are more than 200 million sites worldwide.

“You can avoid this problem by switching your old phone to a more modern device,” Kuzmenko said, “but this expense may seem inappropriate to many citizens.”

Alternatively, you can switch to the Firefox mobile browser, which has its own certificate store. But this is suitable for owners of Android operating systems no lower than version 5.0 OS, and the rest will have to buy a new phone.

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