Saturday , January 23 2021

171 French artists accept copyright reform

PARIS (awp / afp) – One hundred and seventy-four French artist and journalist Sandrine Bonnaire, Enki Bilal, cartoonist, Jean-Jacques Goldman, composer and performer, David Guetta, electron and singer. Louane, a forum published on Sunday for the European copyright reform, who submitted the final vote on Tuesday.

This forum, published in the Sunday Journal, is under the title "The Good Giants Who Ogre Made", that is, the GAFA, originally known as the "altruistic" giants, is a source of money and endurance. any kind of regulation.

The text denounces "enormous amounts" to face the revision directive issued by these giant networks.

The European Parliament will vote on Tuesday to draft this final reform project, discussing the EU for several years.

Supported by thousands of European media, such as AFP and artist, the goal of the reform is the digital age European copyright rights, since 2001, YouTube, Tumblr or Twitter has not yet existed.

Its advocates use payment platform users to get more users of their content, but this reform is still being dragged on the web by Google giants and free Internet supporters. Challenges say that reform creativity and free internet mining would be.

The arguments that the filmmakers signed argued. "We defend the right to write our story, and we defend the right of non-life to those who have decided for giants, we defend general interests, and not only private interests, but only our most valued ones, a certain idea of ​​democracy," they say.

In the end, they are talking to European parliaments, saying that directing the draft directive will prove that "Europe better defends its people's interests better than those who defend them".

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