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22 notaries have the possibility of leaving 7 positions and have marked other national threats

The 22 non-profit collectors admitted to the competition, who have not yet acquired the profession in 2013, have won the first round against the Senegalese State. On Wednesday, a spokesman for Me Elhadji Mansour Diop in the press conference announced that the government withdrew the decree for the creation of seven (7) new posts Wednesday, November 30, 2019, the Minister of the Council.

"In the end we made the final ceremony, because the Minister of Justice prepared a project for the secret, presented a secret decree on Wednesday, creating seven offices of notaries (7) and rejecting the profession of notary, after the opposition the Board of Ministries board was removed We learned from a reliable source. The point went back, "said Diop.

The group of notaries who are not looking for the withdrawal of the project, but also the signing of their own designation decree, thanks to the creation of private practices, gives a 48-hour ultimatum.

"We are left with what they are doing, they are secretive, we learned that they came up with 32 positions, come from the Palace, and if we take them to the limit, we will reveal the information we are currently demanding all the diplomas by fires, but this immolation decree before the Republican President. He promised to present himself, and the minister confirmed his retirement, which we now offer 48 hours, if the decree has not been signed, we'll explain it within the explosive information of the public square, "under the spokesman's spokesman.

Me Christophe Diouf also announced the letters sent to the Technical and Financial Partnerships of Senegal, the EU, the MFN, the World Bank, that employment policy is not a priority scheme. "We have learned the intriguing and hard way of lobbying, who have passed the decision to create employment in the Republic, and today the lobbying will take place in the public square. We will not sacrifice it."

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