Monday , August 15 2022

After defeating Afrikashop, the CFAO receives alliances with


Adialea, a joint venture between CFAO and Carrefour, has recently signed a consensus memorandum with Jumia, the leader of African e-commerce. Changing a course for Pan-African entrepreneurs, a subsidiary dedicated to online subsidiary closed in June, Africashop.

From the beginning of 2019, Carrefour brand foods will be available on the Jumia platform in Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon, the CFAO announced on November 26. Adialea, a collaboration agreement between CFAO and Carrefour, has signed a Pan-African Jumia African platform leader in African e-commerce.

Jean-Claude Brindeau, CFAO's CEO, said the press release, emphasizes the importance of "diversifying circuits" to meet customer expectations and "take advantage of e-commerce in Africa". In 2016 April 2016, the company that invented an essay on the web did not aim. Africashop launched its e-commerce store, which finished shopping last June.

There are several CFAO directors African young peopleWe then asked the analysts to quit the decision, which they did not surprise us. "In Africa, e-commerce introduces significant operational challenges, because infrastructure does not lack a specific physical address, and you have to overcome money and constantly reinvest it in. In the United States, Amazon has spent twenty years to earn money, not in the old world marketplace trader CFAO This model was launched, "explained Julien Garcier, Executive Director of Sagaci Researche.

Initial model flexibility

The CAD / CAM model, as well as the Japanese participation, which is used for small margins, but the regular one, has been the value of commercial components development.

On the contrary, "Jumia has been in the hands of shareholders, especially in telecommunication, before paying off a lot of money and profitability. For a telecommunications operator, it is not surprising to have a benefit of the benefits planned for fifteen and thirty-two years before the development of telephony networks. If it is not yet, MTN and Orange can not say it. Paying through the site or making money from the mobile phone, the operator is making use of the bet, "said Jean-Michel Huet, a BearingPoint member.

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In order to carry out the second electronic commerce trial, the CFAO therefore chose an ally with the more flexible structure that Jumia sets in motion. In the Middle East and East Africa, Majid Al Futtaim, a long-standing partner of Carrefour, has signed a partnership with Kenya in Kenya.

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