Tuesday , October 22 2019
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All eyes are Demba Kandji

The jury of Dakar became an area of ​​interest for all Senegalese people for several hours. And for good reasons, the recording of the votes was proclaimed by the President of the National Committee (Cnrv) on Thursday, February 28, provisional Provisions of the Presidential.

But this exercise did not announce the president Kandji and his assistants rested. Indeed, different political groups, such as closing the power against power and trying to cause such a monster pressure, increased the results from here and there. "Safe sources".

And as of the 24th of February, pressure is increasing for coalition's radicalization, power and opposition. And Der was the women of the opposition, Wednesday gathered, to demand a second round, that is, inevitable, according to them.

In this cacophony, civil society and religious religions are trying to recover the appearance of an order, which requires both parties to rethink the decision of the authorities that publish the results, which allows the Senegaliar Constitution to find irregularities.

For now, everyone is waiting and praying from 11:00 p.m. (the time of publication of the results), without breaking the silence of the honest citizens.

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