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Altice (SFR, BFM TV) wants to buy Molotov and this service will be free

New chapter of the Molotov section: the French starting point was controversial with the Altice team.

In the last few months, Molotov was looking for buyers, they were interested in Orange and Canal +, but also in French television.

Molotov with her 7 million users (January 2019), of which 3 million monthly and almost one million daily, they would only pay 10,000 subscribers. In order to develop a delicate state of the company created around 32 million euros, it would have to pay more than 500,000 subscribers according to La Tribuna.

However, Molotov is very direct to believing. The company announces the increase in the number of users and announced announcements for 2019.

Altice enters the exclusive discussion and makes the user relax

Molotov did not talk about it the next day (January 30, 2019). Altice (SFR, BFM TV, Liberation, RMC, etc.) has announced that an exclusive debate on OTT has been introduced due to majority participation.

Press Release Note on January 30, 2019

The Molotov development in capital input will be developed in several ways:

  • Molotov rapid development;
  • more resources have become an important OTT player in France and abroad;
  • to facilitate the distribution of French and international content throughout the world;
  • but also to SFR and RMC customers An OTT new experience.

In his press release, Altice wants the tranquility and tranquility of Molotov users and partners: "Molotov will maintain its brand as well as a universal vision and open to everyone". What can be said between lines: Molotov would be free.

The major shareholder in Altice France, the capital of the Molotov capital, is the main shareholder in Altice France and, together with its shareholders, the transaction has not yet ended.

Molotov did not have an easy life

As a reminder Molotov did not have an easy life, especially with TF1 and M6. When he arrived in the capital Altice, Molotov spoke more easily with French television actors.

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