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Angèle Diabang proposes a reflection on the human being "Kora Aire".

A special thanks to APS, Fatou Kiné Sène

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), February 27 (APS) – Anglican Angele Diabang's Angolan Diabang proposes in her latest film "Coral Air", a reflection on man's supremacy, among other things, through identity, the story of an impossible love between a Muslim and a monk in love A way of reminding us in a subtle and subtle way, the problem of Senegal's Christian-Islamic dialogue.

The film's director participated in the contest of the 2019 edition of the Uagadougou Panafrican Film and Television Festival (FESPACO, February 23 to March 2), on Tuesday in Burkina Faso, 7th African art meeting.

In Angèle Diabang's story, she tells the story of Salimata (Amie Hélène Sambou), Brother Muslim learns to play kora with Brother Emmanuel (Roger Salah's series + Pod and Marichou +), a monk in a Christian monastery. The relationship between these two leads to love for different religions.

At the same time, the film relates, among other things, to celibate priests, a rare issue in Senegal, but also news of the news of the world, in the media, in the case of sexual assault and religion as Catholics.

According to Angele Diabang, the man is "more important than ethnicity, race or religion, after all, two monks and two dark girls," they are committed to their religion, "but the two characters are still in love with each other and in love , the story is impossible at the end ".

With this film, Senegal's director recovers the theme of the subject, explored in the documentary "Senegalaise et Islam" produced in 2007.

"I can not say anything related to religion, but it's true that in 2007, I made the movie, Senegalese and Islam +, made by Angele Diabang, Senegalese women."

& # 39; & # 39; At that time, people thought that he had stained the name of Islam, but when he saw the movie, he was vice versa, but the Catholic spoke very well about Islam, that the black man and the Senegalese people increased the tolerance of Islam, "he explains.

He is also a "builder and rallyer of sense", "Kora in the air", although this movie is in love with lovers of Muslims.

The director hopes that his film has been well received, especially for a beautiful aesthetics beyond the impossible love between a Christian and a Muslim.

"Our aesthetic choices are at the same time setting and tightening up the wide-ranging components," says Baba Diop, a film critic.

"This is a movie that is preparing this next feature film as aesthetic stereotype and frame, the landscape is very small and everything is very effective in its filming," says the journalist coach.

"Kora Air" is a love film, a musical and a drama, described by Baba Diop, as "engaging in the classification of these different qualities in" today's hybrid cinema "and engaging all over the world.

Angele Diabang has also received other films, such as "Congo, a drug for women," Dr. Denis Mukwébé, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2018.

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