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Apaisement du clima-social-political in Senegal: L'appel de Ndiassane

Comme à Tivaouane, the celebration of the Mawlid à Ndiassane was the occasion for the parolee of the family Ahlou Kountiyou, Serigne Abdou Rahmane Kounta, insister sur «social cohésion, durable peace, stability in notre pays» . Ce, pour «sauver le Senegal des troubles that pourraient survenir avant, pending and after the 2019 Emergency». Le nouveau khalife général de Ndiassane, Cheikh Bécaye Al Bécaye, who has not been able to attend the official office of Gamou for the sake of health, by the voice of his father-in-law, expressed his concern about the "tension Actually prevails in the Senegalese champion ». They invite political actors to «cultivate peace and stability in the countries» for a «peace of political spasm». I have evoked certain "maux dont souffre la société sénégalaise", I insisted on the necessity of a trainee to "eradication of the crisis of valiant comme les dérives sur internet". I marabout, I traced the "obscenity through the social networks", if you notice the "libertine of our daughters".
Aux talibes, Khalife a l'invité au travail, rappelé the "exemplary behavior" of the Muslim in accordance with the recommendations of Allah, the teachings of Cheikh Abdoul Khadr Dieylani and Cheikh Bouh Kounta, the founder of Ndiassane. In outre, religious is largely revenu sur le thème de la édition de cette année: «Le soufisme, a solution to the political-social crisis», also he says that "Senegal remains a seoul country, indivisible" in front of him Interior Minister Aly Ngouille Ndiaye was represented by the President of the Republic to this cemetery.

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