Thursday , July 7 2022

Atepa wants to put into the heart of rural development


XALIMANEWS: At the heart of Senegal's economic development, Senegalese Rek Platform Pierre Goudiaby Atepa has said that the place is in the Kaolack region, that is, peanuts.
Goudiaby, in February, was a presidential election on Sunday in Kaolack, launched the program of the Senegal Economic and Industrial Revolution (REIS) and prepared Medina Baye Sheikh Tidiane Ibrahima Niasse.
In a press conference, he said "it must be remodeled through our land reform policy, which should be put into the heart of agricultural development, as farmers are not subject to rain."
& # 39; & # 39; The real economic heart of Senegal is Kaolack
That's it, "he added, adding the candidate emphasizing" geographical location and potential port ".
As he says, "gas and oil should revolutionize the discovery
Our thoughts, but also the whole Senegalese economic program, which was not based on the model of the Arab countries for thirty years now, but became rich in oil.
The drivers of Motorbikes to develop the activity of Djakarta, commits itself to the modernization of the sector with electric vehicles that will not work with fuel.

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