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Back to Season: John Lennon appeared last day


There are important days in the history of rock and Pixbear you do them (again). On November 28, 1974, John Lennon He was finally on stage. Madison Square Garden took part in a concert in New York (New York)Elton John. Back to back, pendant and after this last benefit.

Lost bet

In 1974, Elton John He participated in the recording of the album John Lennon Walls and Bridges. He started to sing in the piano and sang songs Surprise Surprise (Paradox Bird Sweet) and Everything is what happens during the night. Elton John He bet then John Lennon He finally won one number one in the United States of America Everything is what happens during the night, for that John Lennon Madison Square Garden is committed to Madison Square Garden in New York.

For what is lost, John Lennon he accepted this bet. In November 1974, Everything is what happens during the night American Billboard wins first place. John Lennon then he does not accept his "failure" and honor his bet.


Last screening

On November 28, 1974, John Lennon Madison Square Garden goes on stage. "When I walked on stage, there was a lot of screams and screams. It was like the Beatlemania. I thought" What's happening? "I had not heard the Beatles since" he said later.

John LennonAssisted by Telecaster Black, it begins with its classical performance The Beatles Lucy Sky with Diamonds. It connects Fab Four with the classic I saw her stayhe entered as follows: "I thought we could make a song from one of my relatives Paul. I never sang the song". In the end, it takes the duo They all night. Elton John I'd like that John Lennon It also plays imagine But he refused. After the aid, John Lennon he said his mythical mood: "It was fun, but I would not live".

Homecoming with Yoko Ono

Apart from this last service John Lennon, legend tells, behind, ex-The Beatles found Yoko Ono He separated since 1973 and recorded his record Mind Games. "It was behind the scenic scene and we saw it at that moment, and they seem like movies, you know, when it's over." he said. "There was a silence. Everything was silent and looked at each other.. The singer rubbed them with his assistant May Pang but it will finally do it Yoko Ono In 18 months after 1975.

John Lennon He decides to completely decide on his children to live with his family Sean October 9, 1975 He will record his album with the album Double fantasy On November 17, 1980, a few weeks ago he was killed at the foot of the Dakota Building in New York. But this is another story …


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