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Barça: Boxes have a special qualification for Dembélé

Très critiqueé pour indiscipline, Ousmane Dembélé has uploaded some boxes to FC Barcelone.

Coach Ernesto Valverde put his team back in their debut positions, or in the first team. Et le Français is also a source of messages from certain coequipiers comme Luis Suarez and Gerard Piqué. Finfin, the direction of my choice with you are the agent in the trêve internationale. But I'm afraid that I have been criticizing for the time since I ended Dembélé, Sergio Busquets had to stop at the start of the week.

« That's not so hard if you're gérer, I had a good time in the meantime for Sport. Ousmane is a bit of a good, is not it, he arrives from abroad because he is going to kiss an adaptation time. That's a great three-year-old man, where the little boy came out for new ones, and he was in the moyens. »And the Spanish is not in full swing right now. I contacted Goal Goal, Ivan Rakitic, I asked for the pressure to calm him down.

Rakitic adheres to the mediums

« It is not easy for you to come to the world's greatest club and the daily pressure that you have in mind is not going to get you started. Vous devez lui donner du temps, the Croat said. It is worthless for you to know that you are going to make sure the southern yeux a tel joueur (when I commet des erreurs). This is the way to get your car joueurs car, where you have a great deal. »Auteur du but de l'égalisation against Atlético Madrid (1-1) soccer, Dembélé peut compter sur le soutien du Barça.

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