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BCEAO National Law Calls Trust Money Electronic Money

Dakar, Nov. 28 (APS) – National Director of Central African Central Banks in Africa, Ahmadou Al Aminou Lo, calls on Wednesday users to have more trust in electronic money instruments, reliability of the tools.

& # 39; & # 39; Trust these electronic money instruments. Life is so easy, because they need to be used more and more to avoid cash, "he said. In the exchange workshop, money and electronic business with issuers, online payment.

According to Ahmadou Al Aminou Lo, BCEAO's "# 39; it has taken the necessary regulatory provisions to effectively use the electronic money instrument ".

"Electronic money instruments offer serious security and reliability guarantees," he said.

"In the regulatory framework, before approving an electronic money institution, the central bank asks for a file, we ask about its computer system, in this file, the mechanisms established to prevent attacks", explains the director of the BCEAO.

At this level, says Lo, the central bank's "see if the system is expanded or not."

But beyond a priori control, the central bank added "every year," "bank commissioners' auditors," "rigorous testing" to different systems created by electronic money services.

However, users reminded that any technical system may have "weaknesses", and the most important thing is to be able to direct them directly, once they have encountered these weaknesses. "

He also said that these electronic money operators have an obligation to users, complaints and claims, to be available to users, in cases where this rule does not violate, users have the opportunity to respond. writing to the central bank, in response to this request in the short term.

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