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Beirut, every day of the Americas …

C'est loin du Nouveau-Mexique from son enfance et d'une Amérique, which I would reconsider plus that Zach Condon has resourced, as well as the new album inspired by his son Beuut group, I co-hosted between Berlin and the Italian countryside.

Twenty years ago, the music that allowed the child of Santa Fe to escape, bricoling from the chambre des chansons sans âge emplies de trompettes et de chœurs similar venus tout droit des Balkans. Intriguingly, I would like to say the name of the project, Beirut, well, that I'm interested in you have any lien with Lebanon. After fourteen years later, after joining Vienne in New York and Paris and from Hauts et des Bas, Zach Condon put their bags – and their instruments – to Berlin. But the city, finally, the amount of foot: I'm in the studio, I'll be sitting in the ukulele, organs, trompetas and boites à rythmes that will be seen well passer «le reste de ses jours», assures a chanteur qui, sur scène, It is said that "to cacher!"

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When others relocate to children or holiday photos, they are smartphone to make it admire the momentum of their mixing consoles, leaving color guides. Rien ne lui importe plus, assure-t-il, that if you plank into the music, in what is babaonnement, craquement, crackling. The famous Gallipoli, chanson qui donne are titre au nouveau disque à paraître demain, est née ainsi, au long heures après in studio, «une transe créative».

This kind of chercher and composer, as a soloist, is in the midst of their debut, they are premier album écrit seul, Gulag Orkestar (2006). From the premières notes du nouveau disque, where he also removed the same atmosphere at the time Melancholy and Chaleureuse (When I Die). "This was a rediscovery of old feelings, in the moment this album is not coming, in a natural way, fluid," explains the thirties musicians, comfortably installed in the Parisian locks of Beggars, the record room. «I'm sorry to hear that you are talking about music and reviews and a public au bout du processus. The object was fair to be in the studio and renter chez moi chaque soir, heureux de ce que j'avais pu écrire … », ajoute-t-il.

The recording is spreading to the Pouilles, south of Italy, and it's completed by chez lui in Berlin. Pour une question pratique, au vu des tarifs new-yorkais, but also a vrai tropisme européen. «Berlin did not take my heart in my radar … I love you well, but I was jealous of you, I imagined and lived a day. J'ai toujours was interspersed by Paris, New York or Istanbul, but ultimately it's happened to me, and I've sat down! »

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Europe will be saddling from April (Bruxelles le 2, Paris le 5, Bourges le 17, etc.), before it will take place in North America. The United States, "I'm not alone beyond what I'm about to go to Berlin … and I'm really good at it", get it. «J'en ai fini avec ce pays, c'est une part time, assure le musicien. From seclusions, join moitié du pays, plus or moins illuminée, try to get along with the other moitié for their own benevolent. »

One disagree does not talk to each other about their chansons: "The music is the only thing that is chosen from the precious stone to choose what you pay. I am laughing against the political chansons, but I do not see the music but politics, "affirmed Zach Condon. «The texts, what is it that you choose who gives me bad, let me know if I send you something important. Pour être honnête, I'm getting the music from other albums for the words. It's been 32 years ago, but I'm going to go on with the Beach Boys and I've never been touring anymore, "said the singer, who made the instrument available to show off the two beaches of sound.

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