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Belgian press on January 30

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These are the Belgian newspapers published on Wednesday:

OF TIJD (Time) & # 39;

The carbon intensity of Belgian electricity production has been a historic downward trend in 2018, since 1990, the electricity and natural gas of Belgian markets in the Regulatory Committee of Electricity and Gas (Creg). Carbon intensity is lower in Belgium than in the European Union. The downward trend in carbon intensity is measured in kWh of electricity measured in CO2 grams, with a gradual decline in coal quota (in Belgium, from 2016 until coal is not produced during the production of electricity) and electricity and wind energy from the generation of electric and electric energy Breakthrough, explains Creg.


The CMI-based Seraing-based company signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia on Monday to create a company specializing in tank towers. The goal is to design and manufacture military equipment.

"Boeing, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and some of our international partners have been chosen to create a business to develop a defensive activity in their country," said Xavier Rigo, CMI Defense spokeswoman. It has 49% of the CMI Defense joint venture, and SAMI, the Saudi industrial industry, 51%. According to the CMI spokesman, the joint venture should be a spin-off company company, especially in the design office.


The number of humanitarian scholarships in Belgium has exceeded 2,000 marks over the last two years, the Center for Migration Centers said on Tuesday at Myria's announcement that the House Members of the House Commission. Most of these visas (77%) were Syrians. In 2018, 2,174 humanitarian scholarships were given in Belgium (2,361 in 2016). 77% of these visas were given to Syrian nationality (1,538), in Afghanistan (189) and Somalia (67) before and in third place. Only 9% of the visas granted to the Syrians continued the ordinary procedure (diplomatic consignment, presentation of Aliens Office treatment), which also mentions Myria.

STANDARD (Standard)

Freddy Roosemont has been invited to speak home about humanitarian bison on Tuesday, the Antwerp Prosecutor's Office, Melikan Kucam (N-VA), Minster Councilor (N-VA). The second suspects the issuance of humanitarian visas necessary for the granting of subsidies for large amounts of money. According to Freddy Rossemont, humanitarian visa-based lists were issued in practice in 1994, especially in Rwanda's genocide or again in 2010, following the Haiti hit earthquake. At that time, the Secretary of State (Theo Francken (N-VA), ed) said that the weakness of these people was decisive. He also announced other similar sales exceptions, and it has been confirmed. "

HET LAATSE NIEUWS (Latest News) & # 39;

Will passenger prices rise to change consumer behavior patterns? And, above all, will it have a positive impact on the environment? Leave our experts for the first time. Patrick Roels: "The solution to this minister's proposal is that the response to climate change is weak and there is no significant solution, we are expecting an overall and effective view of the problem, lack of dressing with open wounds, a good proposal by the Minister, but an unimportant and irrelevant government. devoid of ".


Universities want to recover some resources geared towards secondary education. The Federation of Universities and Universities offers a high level of innovation: secondary savings. Julien Nicaise, Director of the Higher Education and Research Academy (Ares), believes that the French Community will be able to relocate resources internally in higher education in the future. It is aimed at secondary education. Student supervision follows: "Currently 10 students enroll for secondary school teachers, with average 13-14 European countries". If we take into account these elements, taking into account secondary education expenses, it is well concentrated, it seems that this evolution can be done without loss of jobs ".

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