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Boeing thinks an autochthonous fighter arrives next year to conduct an analysis of other aircraft

Boeing has built a fighter jet that will use the Australian Royal Air Force (RAAF) in 2020. A military aircraft with aircraft, about the size of a traditional fast military bomb, can be used for other purposes such as missiles, but for the time being, it is accompanied by the crew and the crew of the aircraft. . Early warning tests, intelligence gathering, monitoring and analysis missions.

The main objective would be to carry out electronic warfare and analysis missions, particularly in the environments where the pilots are in danger, ABC said, Australian national radio stations.

The aircraft, the Boeing Airpower Teaming System, will help alleviate certain risks associated with the fight. In fact, without the driver, the aircraft can fly, it can collect and process more information to repel possible electronic attacks. The war e-war was built for the Royal Australian Air Force in the first decades of Australia.

There is currently not enough information about the project, but ABC is designed to fly a thousand pilot-kilometers military aircraft. A prototype of the Boeing Airpower Teaming System of the American Aerospace conglomerates was presented at the Avalon Aerospace Show in Australia on Tuesday. According to ABC, it is a huge burden that can be placed under fire or electronic warfare under the plane, but industrial sources may take bombs one day.

The success of this fighter project, which can fly with a Jet fighter, can be more successful, especially military aircraft in the future for missiles or bombs, according to ABC, Boeing says that it wants to sell the world and adapt it to the specific needs of its customers.
When the US Defense Minister is interested in a Boeing non-driver fighter, he develops his own autonomous project. In April 2017, America's tears were a manifestation of the F-16, fleeing and executing strikes. The aircraft was an alternative non-aircraft vehicle during flight demonstration, similar to the air-to-air mission mission. The driving test pilot reacted dynamically to the threat context in a reactive way.

The goal of the Department of Defense is to use artificial intelligence technology to combine autonomous community situations with the aim of managing the aircraft with the intention of managing them autonomously.

In addition, another Pentagon earthquake project has been inaugurated. According to Quartz, on Tuesday, the U.S. Defense Department would hire artificial intelligence experts for the ATLAS project to convert tanks to AI-powered kill machines.

The use of this technology manages to kill fewer men, because it improves the accuracy of plans for avoiding civilian victims, but also protects the autonomous aircraft from being riders for human beings. military However, the AI's opponents in the use of war machines do not listen to this. Last autumn, the Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that the future of machines with discourse and power to take human lives is considered morale. However, the Boeing military aircraft will start up next year for pilots in the school.

As a reminder, in November, the government announced that the American MQ-9 Reaper was Australia's first spy driver. According to ABC, Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that Australia had purchased $ 7.8 billion of US $ 7,800 million from the Triton spy aircraft.

Boeing did not show the costs involved in this autonomous fighter's project, but ABC had the biggest investment outside the United States. Aeronautical gloves Americans plan to sell customers worldwide, changing them according to their needs.

source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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