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Brune Poirson donated 2 months to the quick restoration to propose a plan of mise conformité in matière de tri de ses déchets

Tri Déchets restauration rapideSummoned on Jan. 31, 2003, by Brune Poirson, the secretary of the State of Ecology, the bosses of the main fast-food chains, they will be able to rappel their obligations in the management of their waste. The last month of March is to propose a plan of mise en conformité.

The breeding area of ​​the rapid génère plus 180 000 tonnes of emballage waste par y plus 60 000 tonnes of food waste. From July 2016, the professionnels have the obligation to try 5 types of waste: paper / carton, metal, plastics, glass and wood in the dedicated poubols. I've tripped it 5 flow from waste. In the event of non-respect of religious opinions, the teachings are exposed to administrative and judicial decisions. « In line with the local elusive, new intransigent serons in the work from administrative sanctions and penalties for the bailiff in case of fraud »A rappelé Brune Poirson who cries« That of different names you teach yourself not through intense marketing to communique sur leurs écologiques performances supposée après de leurs clients. »

Le Snarr (Syndicat National de la Restauration rapide) gives in a press release the «part of the public library of faire porter la responsabilité du tri et de la valorisation des déchets en salle uniquement aux enseignes de restauration rapide »Who« it does not allow us to respond to the global problem that implies the leverage of the acts freelance that fails to be cleared of the system of regularization or the absence of uniformisation of the system of collecting des déchets for local collectivities (bv in the cadre du public service des déchets management) ... »

Selon organizes the syndicale, tri der des déchets dans la restauration rapide s'appuie sur sur 2 réglementations distincte selon that déchets are produced in cuisine or salle. If you are in the kitchen, the professional debris are no longer available for you, and you will be able to buy and sell them, the goods you have packed, and then you will be bought by the consummate. These are from "eminent menages" emblem wastes that you may have used the materials used (plastic, cardboard, …) and you are not so in the REP (Responsibilité Elargie des Producteurs de déchets). The teachings are so important that you create an individual system of collecting and treating waste from emballages (cartons, plasmas …), I adhere to contribute financially to an eco-organism that Citeo. Le Snarr says that their adherents to Citeo bring a contribution of more than € 60 M in the last five years. I urge you to adhere to the " Beneficiary of a homogeneous service throughout the territory of the part of the Ecosystem REP Emballages complex (tri centers, recyclers, local collectivities, etc.) to permit the teaching of the rapid restoration and its services Customers value the waste produced in restaurant rooms. »

The secretary of the State has fixed the ECHINEIGN PROCHAINES:

– By the end of this month, the present companies are absent from the meeting about communique au ministère leur stratégie de mise in conformité avec la reglementation du matériel de tri 5 flux et de collecte des déchets alimentaires.

– In late April, after studying different strategies, the companies will be summoned to present you will make it valid for your first step.

– At the rent of September, a premier point of stage of work in concrete concerted action will be ruled out.

South sujet:

Exki try tri trie des biodéchets in 2 Parisian restaurants, on 11/29/2017.

The fast-foods ne trient pas le déchets d'emballages selon Zero Waste France, on the 26/10/2017.

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