Friday , January 22 2021

But who is Monster, with the hidden talent of the 8 season? (Video)

That's when they asked us everybody who asked on Saturday night about "The Voice" on TF1: but who's hiding a talented monster, that is, the talent and face presented in blind audiences. mask …

This enigmatic artist of this 8-year season is a salesman in an organic store. At the same time, this 21-year-old boy has developed his musical universe. It is a unique Paris parade that is unleashed throughout the competition Voice 8 to express emotions. Introduce yourself to curiosity, enthusiasm or even disturbance Jenifer, Mika, Julien Clerc and soprano.

Between strength and fragility, monster masks to use other languages ​​than sight and feel completely different

7 repeat blind audiences Voice 8 March 23rd, 2019: portrait monster

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