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Carlos Ghos is sentenced to long detention

"Only in the Nissan front of the army," who wants to "destroy his reputation": Carlos Ghosn insurgent yesterday was not opposed to his "normal", according to "no democracy," AFP in an interview and Echoes at the Tokyo detention center.

After two months of financial failure, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors automobile alliance's founder claimed the feeling of "injustice", behind a transparent wall, separated by journalists. prison "I have an army in front of Nissan, there are hundreds of people in this case, 70 in front of the prosecutor, and I have been in jail for more than 70 days. I do not have a phone, no computer, but how can I defy myself?" Said his first interview during the Japanese media Since the great arrest on November 19, the interview was conducted in English to understand the gates.

During his arrest, Carlos Ghosn visited the French, Lebanese and Brazilian consular and consular staff, three countries with a nationality.

"Restore my reputation"

Wearing a black leather and plastic sandal bag, men decided to make a decisive step forward as CEO, despite being "disadvantaged" and "tired". "I focus, I want to fight for my reputation and defend myself against false accusations. I denied the prosecution, it would not be normal in another world democracy," he stressed. "Why did I punish myself before conviction? He asks himself: Three redundancies of trust and the reduction of income from the stock market by 2010 and 2018, rejects mistakes, they were waiting for the car they had previously faced and talked at that time, but many After suffering a recession, he decided to smuggle in the press.

On Wednesday, in a conversation with Nikkei's Japanese newspaper, Nissan's Japanese car dealer began a series of attacks after an internal investigation into the summer of 2018. One or more reports report. According to him, we wanted to eliminate the game because it intended to create a business to control Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. Niro's chief debated with Hiroto Saikawa.

Ghosn may be in jail after the trial, it will not be in the months, according to the defense team. He was 15 years in prison.

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