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Christiane Taubira, appointed as the "politician of the decade" by GQ

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For the magazine GQIn the decade, the politician is a woman and Christiane Taubira is a former Minister of Justice.

As every year, GQ The men that marked the year and the decade celebrated in Barcelona. While men are often rewarded, the men's magazine made a small exception this time. "Who was the panache and style that depicted the politics of the decade? A woman, Christiane Taubira, of course, has the sole political identity, of all kinds, marking all the boxes"Justifies Beline Dolat's editor-in-chief. For the first time, she's a woman who has won The price of politics in the decade and former Minister of Justice. A woman could not marvel at the fact that the magazine did not praise it. He was the patron of the stamps, who accepted the law that he calls his name and joins in the spring of 2013 with the same sex. "Christiane Taubira has struggled to change the French society. The main social reforms of this century remain the marriage of all", it is still considered by the journal.

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# Decelerates the #MeToo movement

Thanks to the reform of all weddings, Christiane Taubira maintains a very expensive place in the heart of France. Magazine hand GQThe former Justice Minister has taken advantage of the #ToToo phenomenon, and the "official political speech" is not due to the mobilization of associations and citizens. "Do not take #MeToo insulated, you really have to enter the story of a claim, a condition, a collective conversation. I think it is a point of inflection linked to these two things: the first is the words of women who rise up to this force, these brave dare, despite the fact that they are a disgust "I say that," "I declare that," "I denounced," "I refuse" ; Then there are the technological means that allow for unprecedented lectures …"says the French.

Christiane Taubira says the government is up to date and does not make enough moves. "It's more interesting than government opinion, probably political power, in France and elsewhere. Ours maybe a little bit more than others, because we believe our stories are more beautiful than others, that is, it's true, more than others than everyone else. Universal imagery: French human rights homeland, country of art and languages, etc. But, of course, we have no task."it will end.

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