Sunday , December 5 2021

Coronavirus in Belgium – Independents concluded in their head: “I’m a little tired of having to fight”


In the end, tired, indebted, with no solution. This is the state of mind of many small and independent traders. If they held on to the first closure, the situation has worsened since then. Invoices pile up and motivation is sometimes lacking. The health crisis hit hard on the portraits of these workers.

Eghezée Namur province. Forced to close the nursery from November 2, Aurélie has made online requests. Sales that require a lot of energy but do not cover monthly expenses. Most importantly, they will ask for some deferred payment soon. He explains: “A lot of liquidity was depleted in the first shutdown. We recovered. There, it’s a second hard blow. I’m tired. I’m a little worn out from the fight. It’s hard to fight. Keep the optimism I normally know.”

Direction Liège and Ans province more specifically. Jennifer’s sandwich shop had just opened when they ordered the closure of the hospitality industry. The consumer room is declining, neighborhood shops and businesses are empty: customers are scarce. “We were full almost every day. Nowadays, there are days when I earn 10 euros. I think they can ‘say’ until the end of the closure. After January, it’s a complete blur.”

They hide a little to kill independents

Like Jennifer, independent psychologists didn’t have to leave the business. Given the context, appointment cancellations are linked and the right to the bridge is not guaranteed. Fanny is an independent psychologist. It develops: “The questions are basic. It’s about paying rent, heating oil, paying for food. It’s about paying simple charges to live with my son. I hope not. I thought it was suicidal, but it happened quickly. In a second, you can’t see anything. Really overwhelmed You are “.

Already hard hit by the first shutdown, the independents say these are at the end of the line and are demanding predictions.

The president of the Middle Union (UCM) has confirmed that the situation is becoming very worrying for many independents. He receives many calls for help. Pierre-Frédéric Nyst, President of UCM: “At this point we have never faced the human distress of freelancers. The independents hide a bit to kill. When it goes well, they say it, but when it’s not right, they don’t say it. (…) Every day, we get calls for help. “

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