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Décés d'écrivain Claude Péloquin


L'écrivain Claude Péloquin, whom I do remarkably with the words of the mythical chanson "Lindbergh", popularized by Robert Charlebois and Louise Forestier, this decade.

Claude Péloquin has been studying at the suites of a general cancer, on the evening, at the aile from the palliatifs of the Hôpital Marie-Clarac, to Montréal, to annoncé mardi are agent of liaison, René Corbeil, who also deserves they are my best friend and job.

The poet was older than 76 years.

Claude Péloquin is also the author of the legendary phrase "Vous êtes pas écoeurés de morir, bande de caves?", Recorded by the sculpteur Jordi Bonet on the murale du Grand Théâtre de Québec in 1970, to invite the Québécois à take fate away in main.


Claude Péloquin is born in Montreal, on 26 August 1942. Poet, writer, author-composer-interpreter, screenwriter and filmmaker, and in the midst of generating the controversy with his writings and propositions.

Under the title of author, Claude Péloquin wrote a list of thirty ears of auctioned au cours de sa carrière. He premiered, "Jerry", a collection of poems, which was published in 1963. More recently, the artist released "Le poète en feu de glace" (2014) and "La valse fatale" (2017).

In 1964, the group of "L'Horloge", with Serge Lemoyne, Yves Hébert and Jean Gauguet-Larouche, stared at the improvisation. A year later, Il met sur pied le Collectif Zirmate, who dedicated himself to the search for a "total art", and who was most obviously valued at Expo 67.

In 1968, he wrote texts for «L'Osstidcho» and set in the foul the hymn that was to be released 'Lindbergh', who won the ensuite prix Félix-Leclerc of the Canadian composition. Claude Péloquin also wrote for Robert Charlebois in the 80's, among others for the album "Super Position" (1985), before settling in the Bahamas, where he was to see a couple of years. Il est revenu vivre au Québec at the end of the 90's.

The scenery will take place, for the Office national du film (ONF), the documentary film stations «L'homme nouveau» (1969) and «Balle de gin» (1970). In 1971, he received a Canadian Film Award, in Toronto, for the best dramatic stage for a documentary film, for "L'homme nouveau", with Yves André, and did not read the lyrics "You do not want to diminish. , boat of cavas? "is the boat.

In 2009, Claude Péloquin wrote a poem that devised the business man Guy Laliberté lors de son voyage dans l'espace. One more time between the deux hommes toutefois I loved Laliberté à faire again and annuled the collaboration with Péloquin. Finally, Yann Martel, who has offered the prose lue by Laliberté pendant, is on a parade in the space. The affair had been sent to someone who wanted to publish, for example, interposed, between Robert Charlebois, who was arrested on the subject, they are formerly acolyte Claude Péloquin.

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