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Denmark, Bocuse d'Or – East-The-Day

Denmark passed the Swedish and Norwegian neighbors on Wednesday night at the prestigious Hall of the Restoration (Bocuse d & # O) in Lyon (Sirha). The 2017 edition after winning the United States, the final podium is part of the Scandinavian tiercans from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. North European countries can succeed, according to Kenneth Toft-Hansen, Danish winner, due to the "great experience of the competition". "These flavors, this freshness, was a good time," before the press said, with the golden statue in his hand. "There is more than one individual in a group," said Toft-Hansen, whose team also received the Best Clerk Award from Christian Wellendorf. In France, he won the equivalent of the World Cup of Gastronomy seven times, to be able to win the best dish. "I see the excellent work, not a word, it's beautiful and good," said the Honorable President of the jury, Christophe Bacquié, three-star chef.

Twenty-four chefs, including two women, worked around the world on two dishes: the chef's table, chef Joël Robuchon, since last month of August, and the calf roast Paul's homage to Bocuse, the famous creator of this competition died a year ago. A presentation of the triumphs of one minute of "Lord Paul". Traditional dishes for French cuisine featured a number of "unknown territories" of these territories, the British coach Adam Bennett stressed, thanks to its smells and delicacies, to bring "je-ne-sais-quoi" into English. "Chilean, trying to luck his fortune for the third time, on the sides and carmené wine, said Sebastián Salas, Chile, who had to bring" touch of modernity ", said Claude Le Tohic, this year's title title The American group consultant, and the "compressed time", these two dishes will need 9 hours in the kitchen, 5 hours and 35 minutes.

In F1 mode

"It's like F1, it's almost a second," remembers Claude Le Tohic. Purpose: Making these dishes "artworks", named after Chef Guy Lassaussaie, member of the organizing committee.

In the corridors of Sirha, the other candidates had only about a dozen spectators. However, their products are working to obtain the title and the second, as a barista and mixologist of the Good Spirit Cafeteria, as a baroque and mixologist, creating alcohol-based cocktail cocktails. The El Salvador grains contain two twenty-two grams, 92 ºC water, butter, rum ring, whiskey and home-made syrup, hundreds of cardamom and tonka. Charlene's recipe, a barmaid, was inspired by his trip to Guatemala. "The aim is to successfully learn the goal," said the candidate, who will keep the photos, photos of the best French employee, in the bartender category. Artistic art, French latte art championship or milk art in a cappuccino drawing. More techniques, Gold Scale and Gold Range, after-performance rehearsals, following the artistic training of a seafood dish.

"With regard to the candidates, they are the true recognition of their members to participate in competitions, among the most beautiful in Europe," said Frédéric Chevallet, one of the organizers. And "it has been a long way to talk about our work has long been the bad food industry," he continued. Contests are "events that happened" in Sirha, according to Marie-Odile Fondeur, director general of this international show that attracts more than 200,000 visitors over five days.

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