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Depeche – Paul McCartney sparked a down fire at La Défense Arena


Paul McCartney has reviewed the pop music history of 60 years, starting a train of an senator on one of the most beautiful Beatles pages, and ended in beauty on Wednesdays.

In October 2017, La Défense Arena Nanter inaugurated three Rolling Stones concerts. In June, Roger Waters revived the magic of Pink Floyd. This time, Macca was the turn of legendary hunting to complete his "Freshen Up Tour" and released an excellent "Egypt Station" album.

Mick Jagger won some Liverpool "Guy" wins at the Parc des Princes in Paris, SG (2-1). "Hard Day's Night" show.

The mistrust of the Reds, but not the people, certainly, that is, a cotton begins with a small plan plan, but happy to finally see or see again his idol, who, despite his 76 years, seems less than his fans and the footsteps of the most humble star, as soon as the scene of its creative effect is introduced, after a clear light.

Wearing a black denim jacket with sorcery, in a gray shirt, McCartney clashed a bit mechanically with his titles in half an hour, though "Letting Go", seven times in the Wings menu, "copper-like" soul tips with a section.

"Who looks after" and "Come with me" soon, and "Egyptian station" should defend others, but Paul McCartney's problem is timeless hits. and he hopes to deliver it.

This is not surprising, as with the electric version "Let me Roll it," another title, in Wings (with its Beatles), as if it were an inertia of pleasure, the teenager made his first oxen in the bars of Liverpool.

– Immediate suspension –

McCartney, who already leaped on the jacket, then goes to the piano with some refined pieces that reveal this emotion. "My Valentine" dedicates his third wife to Nancy, "Thirty Hundred and Eighty-Five," continues another pearl of the angels, and "Maybe I'm sorry" is congratulating his first wife Linda.

After that, Macca has been the first song recorded on John Lennon in 1958 for "All Danger" in Quarrymen.

The Beatles performed a clear way back in time: "From Me to You", "Michelle", "Love Me Do", first performed on Betagarr on October 5, 1962, without forgetting the creator of "Blackbird" at an altitude stage. Suspend for a moment.

Magia also works on the "Eleanor Rigby", "Revolver" and "Something" masterpieces from the ukulella to the end of the dry guitar. Regardless of the rope, "brother's homage" (in a French text) is George Harrison's "ultra-sensitive".

"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" is a karmen atmosphere, with 40,000 spectators re-awakening, "Back in SESBan", "Let It Be" and explosive and pyrotechnics "Live and Let Die." More than James Bond ("Live and let die"), so it's "True Time".

After "Hey Jude" and his "Nananananana" songs, McCartney returns to Betagarri's annual remembrance, "Helter Skelter" is a great scene with "Golden Slumbers", "Carry that Weight". and "The End", the famous Medley looping "Abbey Road". We ended the end …

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