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Depeche – Rita Moreno, 86, will produce and play in the new "West Side Story".



Rita Moreno, an 86-year-old American actress from the United States, has been producing a version directed by Steven Spielberg, director of "West Side Story" since 86. In 1962, he announced his press secretary.

The actor was not part of the project, the first musical film by Steven Spielberg.

"It's very strange to see what he's doing," said AFP last week's successor. "I'm very nervous, there's a lot of movies, but I'll probably avoid them."

Steven Spielberg sent the first record in the casting, and they went on to look for candidates of Hispanic origin with Maria, Anita and Bernardo.

In the original film, Anita was a person of three origin, respectively, of Hispanic origin, in this case, Rita Moreno.

"From our first debates, we wanted to incorporate Rita Moreno into our production," said Steven Spielberg, in the statement by the press officer of the actors, now in Netflix days. "

"It's one of the best musical performances ever filmed by Anita, and it's one of my favorites," continued the famous 71-year-old director.

"We have created our role, and we feel happier that Rita acquires a broad knowledge of her exceptional skills and her West Side Story + executive production," said Steven Spielberg.

Rita Moreno has a modernized version of Valentina, Doc's role in the big-hearted grocer that played Ned Glass's original movie.

"Although I could not imagine myself in the savages of my dreams to overhaul the flagship work," said Rita Moreno, mentioned in the statement. "And at the request of Steven Spielberg, it's exciting."

"West Side Story" is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Manhattan, on the Upper West Side, where two groups, Sharks and Jets are in each other.

It will also be the theme of Broadway's new production, created by Belgian director Ivo van Hove, with a different choreography represented by Jerome Robbins.

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