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Diana a little, red? Betting races for the British king of the future


The baby boy of the United Kingdom and his wife Meghan will arrive, whose gender, name and even hair color will increase bets.

According to British bookmakers, Meghan will give her daughter Diana a daughter at the beginning of May.

The problem of sex does not seem to be anymore for players. William Hill, a bookmaker, wins a girl who has reduced his / her side by 2/5, earning 2 pounds for a 5-kilogram bet.

But despite this fall, the players opted for the opportunity of a little girl. "In a common market, people know," said Rupert Adams, a spokesman for William Hill, who would prefer to cancel his bets on April 9.

For many fans, the child will take seventh place in the order of the British succession, with red hair with a 3/1 score.

Diana, Grace or Arthur

The name, the mother of Harry's prince, is Diana, "is her favorite," with 60% of Paris, as Rupert Adams. "I do not understand," he adds, recalling the tragic death of Diana in a car accident in 1997. "I would not remember it every morning."

In Paddy Power's bookmaker, Diana also enters for the first time 3/1, then Grace 7/1, Alice (10/1), Isabella (12/1), Alexandrina and Victoria (14/1). , or Elizabeth (20/1).

"We saw lots of online and online betting with Isabel, that is, we were forced to reduce their chances," said Amy Jones, a Paddy Power spokeswoman.

On the contrary, the name of Theresa, which is now British Prime Minister, is 250/1.

If they are a boy, they are led by Arthur, Charles, James, and Edward, but they are considered Buddha, Jesus or Donald as unexpected.

What credibility bets do they bring? William and his wife's birthplace of "Kathmandu's birth" were good names in our closing Paris, "says Rupert Adams.

Clooney or Beckham Pictures?

Regarding the place of birth and place, it seems that the bet is that the child was born at the beginning of May at the home of the Frogmore House nest on the walls of the Windsor castle, about 40 years old. kilometer west of London.

The probability of "next week" of the baby is so strong that it is currently rated "1/5" and "born 7/2 a week", says AFP Alex Apati, a spokeswoman for Ladbrokes bookmaker.

They are also the bets of the future king of this American mother-born baby: Clooney? beckhamak Serena Williams? Elton John? Oprah Winfrey?

Players generally opted for 4 kilos (4.65 euros). According to Rupert Adams, nearly 5 million pounds (5.8 million euros) is for the entire UK betting market.

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