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Discover the top 10 of the most popular payees au monde in 2018


Katy Perry, Miss Rose, is the best pay girl in 2018. The interpreter of '' good appetite baby '' rebounds in force since the last year she was the neuvième du classement.

Pour 2018, he made a fortune of 83 million dollars worth of concerts and the sale of different albums. Gârce à sa tournée Witness, Katy Perry is the femme qui gagne le plus d'argent dans le monde de la musique . Elle moves from the 9th place in 2017 to the 1st in 2018.

Taylor Swift has almost 80 million dollars worth of money, which is part of the sound of the new album "Reputation" and the world tournament, which has been released. Taylor Swift gagne une place, who was 3rd in 2017, but most of it, they are more than 40 million dollars in cash.

Unbelievably more, Beyoncé, the Afro-Muslim kingdom retreats in a trophy position of the classically miserable numbered tournaments in 2018. In 2017, Beyonce dominated largely the class with 105 million dollars. That year, I'll be back to the superstar

Listen to the entire list of 10 female artists, the best paid ones in 2018.

1-Katy Perry: 83 million dollars

2-Taylor Swift: 80 million dollars

3-Beyonce: 60 million dollars

4-Pink: 52 million dollars

5-Lady Gaga: 50 million dollars

6-Jennifer Lopez: 47 million dollars

7-Rihanna: 37.5 million dollars

8-Helene Fischer: 32 million dollars

9-Céline Dion: 31 million dollars

10-Britney Spears: 30 million dollars

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Discover the top 10 of the most popular payees au monde in 2018

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