Monday , June 21 2021

EDF Pulse Africa announces its 2018 winners

Among the finalists, the Multi-Disciplinary Grand Jury won the prize winner of SAVANNA CIRCUIT TECH (Category of Electricity and Electricity Production), the Ghanaian project BLACK STAR ENERGY LTD (in the category Electricity production off-grid) and the Nigerian SOLARCREED project (electric grid generation category) included 3e The price is related to the RWANDA project URA SARBIDE RANDANDER (to access the Water category).

"The four wins have won 5,000 euros and 15,000 euros, as well as comprehensive support," he said this year to present this competition "4 times more than last year's candidates".

Thus, "EDF Pulse Africa confirms Africa's dynamism in the development of" low carbon energy solutions "in the development of emerging dynamics of the African start-ups and" low carbon carbon solutions "continent," electrification ".

"We are proud to promote these particularly inspirational initiatives, which will be part of tomorrow's energy solutions and part of the strength of our African portfolio of action," said Marianne Laigneau, Executive Director of the Financial Corporation. International Director and Jury President EDF Pulse Africa.

"The success of this second edition of the EDF Pulse Africa Awards confirms the attractiveness of the attractiveness of the proposed EDF initiative. The richness of the candidate projects underscores Africa's youth entrepreneurship, which is fully adapted to the challenges of its continent," he added.

Additionally, "The EDF Pulse Africa approach coincides with the price of EDF Pulse, since it was launched in 2012, the already launched startups have given rise to 1,500 innovation projects in France, the United Kingdom and Italy," said the statement.

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