Friday , January 22 2021

Eiffage has allocated 100 million CFA to the foundation Ucad

Eiffage-Senegal has achieved the UCAD Foundation, bringing together the eldest members of the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, has funded the APS 100 million of FCFA funding for scholarships.

"Eiffag has decided to grant 100 million euros to fund research grants for funding"Eiffage-Senegal Gérard Senac, President and CEO, announced on Saturday the exchange meeting between UCAD and the construction company.

With this donation, Eiffage Senegal becomes the first private company to make funds available to fund the UCAD foundation in December last year. UCAD's Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

President Macky Sall and Mali Ibrahima Boubacar Keita, the two partners of this foundation, invested 100 million and 65 million FCFA respectively in the implementation of this contribution. The UCAD authorities have considered some issues of research in Eiffage, others in the construction sector and in society.

Ibrahima Thioub, Rector of the UCAD, has presented fourteen research questions, such as "the problem of the shore, the main question against St. Louis, the geotechnical map and the substitution materials, modeling." 3D, environment, mobility, social, economics, sociology and behavioral analysis.

"Sokhna Diagne, President of the Commissioner responsible for relations between graduate PhDs and friends, argued that this" important step "by Eiffage was to serve as a benchmark for other private sectors for non-profit cooperation..

"The university has the skills (…) to have a lot of research in the shots for exploitation and use of companies"He said, believing, "Young people will prove that they have a job capacity"..

You can also get interested companies "The results get much faster by upstream research", he said.

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