Saturday , February 4 2023

Emergence in 2035: Khoudia Mbaye urges travaille dans l'entente


Dakar, Nov. 27 (APS) – The Ministry of the Promotion of Investments, Partnerships and Development of the Government of the State, Khoudia Mbaye, at the invitation, on Monday in Dakar, the deputies and the government of the travailler in the agreement for "Hisser le Sénégal au rang des pays émergents, al horizonte 2035".

"Battons nous tous ensemble pour le bénéfice du pays. I think that you will be happy to embark on the new bateau et nous devons tous travailler pour hisser le Senegal au rang des pays émergents, à l'horizon 2035", at-elle exhorté, in Responding to the questions from the deputy lors of the examination of the budget of his ministry.

The enveloppe allouée à ce département ministériel pour la gestion 2019 is shot at the somme of 25 millions 701 million 135 mille 500 FCFA, it contains 9 milliards 488 million 970 mille 100 FCFA in 2018.

He joined a Hausse of 16 milliards 212 million 165 thousand 400 FCFA, in absolute value and 170.85% in relative value.

"I'm sorry not to say that I want you better at noticing pays, but I'm sure you say that, from 2012, new planes recorded a quality bond," I saved Khoudia Mbaye.

The first thing that Senegal has done today, I mentioned that the first countries of emerging countries are in Africa. "New neons do not say that I'm suffocating, but new disunions that I made everywhere in vain. I think that new planes will accelerate cadence," a-t-elle indicated.

Khoudia Mbaye said that they are département est donné à fond afin d'améliorer le climat des affaires, in order to attract foreign investors who are "sorry". "Nuevos comptons continuer ces esfuerzos", a-t-elle promis.

The Minister of the Promotion of Investments assured me that Senegal had recorded results in the domination of the de-materialization of administrative documents and the development of technology of information and communication.

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