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European stock markets need to be opened by the sharp Fed sharpening

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As expected, the Federal Reserve maintained its policy indefinitely, but the United States stock markets on Wednesday (S & P 500 + 1.5.5%) Following the good news about the evolution of the Fed president. Jerome Powell has said that Fed will "be patient" as far as possible recoverys for add-ons economic and financial hesitation. The second good news in Fed is its strategy for standardizing balances. Powell and FOMC They opened the door as much as possible Reduce its balance sheet.

At the same time, the good results of Apple (the previous day) and strong Facebook and Boeing expectations have accepted the risk of appetite investors Apple is wellIt increased by 6.83% a day publishing results and Boeing took 6.25% afterwardsSee predicted forecasts for thatsignificantly higher market estimates

In this Wall Street seats, today's markets are closing Asian markets. Local Stock Exchange posted 1.06% on the decline of Japanese industrial production compared to the second month. China CSI 300 earned 0.61% in the manufacturing sector despite the second dead concert.

Forex On, Powell's good discourse put pressure on the dollar against major currencies The euro has returned $ 1.15 and $ 1.31.

Investor attention will be made today Eurozone unemployment and GDP figures, the Provisions of United States unemployment benefits, as well as the results of companies from both sides of the Atlantic. This Thursday, the second day of the talks between Americans and China will be held in Washington at the end of the month.


Macroeconomic calendar of January 31, 2019 from DailyFX

Financial calendar of January 31, 2019

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