Thursday , July 7 2022

Exploitation du Zircon: France will be connivent with the Camp du NO


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Ces accusations surviving at a time when the land was destined for the construction of the Forage of Kabadio stocké from just a few days at the sous-préfecture of Kataba 1, it was blocked by the return of Dakar to the company responsible for the construction of the infrastructure.

The company Astron who had to re-lease the forage in the framework of the company's social responsibility did not understand the reasons for the blockage of the materials by the authorities. Une situation qui fait montée au créneau représentant de la société au Ségégal et les sages du village de Kabadio. I'm pushing a roulette wheel against a person who is opposed to the interests of the populations and other non-respecting decisions made by the competent authorities of the countries.

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Ibrahima Diaw, the national manager of the Astron company, the filmmaker who, after studying the environmental impact of the mining game, located in the village of Niaffourang, deplored the attitude of a few people who were trying to surrender the masterminders pour the drives to oppose the exploitation of the way.


I have always talked about the complicity of France, in fact, in Croire: "I will pay you the civil front of Bignona and I will invite you to a training workshop, who laugh at others who speak sur les formes d'oppositions à l'exploitation. Mr Diaw representing the Austrian company in Senegal talks about manipulating the French coopération derrière le civil front of Bignona, just pour the project, he chose to argue. I am fully aware of the video of the position of France in this affair of exploitation of the Zircon in the Niaffourang.


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