Thursday , December 9 2021

Fight against Covid-19: The modern laboratory vaccine is almost 95% effective


It’s a series of ads that bring good news. The modern pharmaceutical company reported that the vaccine candidate for Covid-19 is 94.5% effective in reducing the risk of developing the disease. “This means that the risk of becoming ill with Covid-19 was reduced by 94.5% in the ongoing trial between patients who received placebo and those who received the vaccine dose,” he explains. himself in a note posted on the Huffpost site. According to the pharmaceutical company, 90 members of the group that received the placebo contracted the disease compared to 5 of the group that received the vaccine in a test conducted in the United States. Moreover, none of the sick people had any serious form of coronavirus, he said in a press release. As for the side effects associated with this vaccine, there are about 10% of people tested. This is basically due to fatigue, stiffness, or redness around the injection site, says Modern. “This is a key moment in the development of the candidate vaccine against Covid-19,” welcomed Stéphane Bancel, leader of the American group Moderna, quoted in a press release. “This positive interim analysis of our Phase 3 trial provides us with the first clinical evidence that our vaccine can prevent Covid-19 disease, including its severe form,” the pharmaceutical team added. Accordingly, the recorded results are yet to be achieved. can be examined by independent experts. Modern says he wants to apply for “marketing permission” in the United States “in the next few hours,” as Pfizer announced a week ago for testing for the candidate vaccine. . At this stage, one of the main differences between Moderna and Pfizer vaccine candidates lies in the storage method. Pfizer should be stored in a -80-degree freezer Modern vaccine candidate “can be stable for a month in the refrigerator.”

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