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Financial distance, drivers of financial inclusion (officers)

Dakar, November 28 (APS) – Financial distance services tend to boost financial inclusion, given the low level of banking services in Senegal, said on Wednesday, Mamadou Camara, the Ministry of Economy, Treasury and the Flat.

"At the end of December 2017 a strict bank reached 19.64%, remote financial services are now considered as an efficient vehicle for the consolidation of financial inclusion," Mr. Camara said.

These services allow "access to more economic agents to diversify the financial services at a lesser cost," he said, in an exchange workshop for electronic money issuers. and payment online companies.

This meeting is organized by the Financial Services Quality Observatory (OQSF) and the West African States Central Bank (BCEAO).

According to the National Director of BCEAO, Ahmadou al Aminou Lo is part of the weekly financial year organized by the WAEMU space. BCEAO is an event that wants to organize every year.

The objective of "developing strategies" is to ensure "all persons outside of the financial service". And the best way to enter them, he said, "is to ensure digital financial services, including mobile money […]".

In this regard, the National Director of BCEAO has said that "financial inclusion is not for the people of the rich," but rather that low-income people and financially difficult bank access.

"Now with e-money, you can now report your monthly billing, and from now on, if you ever want a loan, you know how much you're earning from your e-money account," explained Mr. Lo.

According to him, it is in the dynamics of financial inclusion, which all actors make during this week "in order to define the regulatory frame that can be improved in the openings and improvements."

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