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Follow the legendary Madrid 4L and 2CV in Madagascar

White 4L, banned by a police seal, is parked in the Renaissance Renaissance palace of Antananarivo, some meters away. "There is no harassment, but it does not take too much advantage," he explains, pragmatically, the driver's uniform.

At the end of the street, in the shade of bright cherry blossoms, Renault 4L, but two Citroën brand 2 CV, wearing a "Taxi" sign, waiting for customers.


The disappeared or mythical Europe, the well-known French warrior vehicles, run the roads of the Madagascar capital and Big Island potholes. It almost became its national symbol.

Rijason Randrianantoanina, a 37-year-old taxi driver, is proud of "Deudeuche" (a small name of 2 CV, called "Three Horses"), who is now sixteen years old. "It was released in 1978, it's a good car," he says.

Yes, the body shows some signs of advanced oxidation and the fuel gauge is no longer working, but "I have the head width, you just need to use it, all this," she says. natural disarmament

The cream of 2 CV curtain cream, "Tana", like all capital goods, has only 28 liters. Rijason Randrianantoanin is a good example in mental calculation: gas was never finished.

– "Everywhere goes … just go up" –

Since 1960, 2 CVs and 4L have been imported into Europe, especially from France, former colonial power. But the models were mounted on Big Island in the 80s.

In particular, here was Elysée Rakotondrakolona, ​​the end of the automobile industry of the Malagasy construction (Somacoa). He is currently a 4L Auto Mechanism in the neighborhood of Antoamadinika.

"4L 4X4 was the first time and even if today's SUV does not come in, it has to take three people up!" Explains Phlegmatic.

In its open garage, hanging between a "beauty styling" salon and a huge donut shop, only 4L cartons are piled up.

Here is the reign of resources. "The parts of Renault 5 face up to 4L," says Elysee Rakotondrakolon, in blue blue work.

"Our specialty, Malgache, when we see two similar pieces, we know how to adapt it. It's a D system," he says.

Experts do not give up in a specific case: when the gear is broken. "No need to do anything".

– "Nothing electronic" –

Efficient fuel for everyday or almost, easy to solve: it's a recipe for 4L and 2kp success in Madrid.

The figure is unavailable, but there are thousands of islands in the Indian Ocean, which are very weak in Madagascar.

And contamination created by old models that are not compatible with ecological standards is not important.

In the Elysée Rakotondrakolona garage, a worker runs 4L flexible body with very small splinters of leather. Others remove the engine from an orange model to change the chassis.

Bruno Rasolofomanantsoa, ​​a farmer of rice, also gave Rakotondrakolona a "medical doctor", a valuable tool for his work, his 4L van, delegitimized and led to a traditional 4L body.

"There is no knot in this vehicle. Everyone is a manual, they do not have any electronics," says fifty people in their 4L charity gardening. "If you have an unknown problem, make a diagnosis, open the hood".

Riri, a taxi driver, admits. "I've solved myself, I've worked hard". In his poster, he took a powder of Antananarivo N. But since 1975, his 4L is "beefy". "It goes everywhere, even if there is a lot of water, it's a great ignition," he says.

The original pieces are becoming increasingly rare, says Ririk.

Traders are well-known in Europe and imports of coins located in Indo-Pakistani Madagascar have also expanded, he says.

"But we do not know if they are copies or not, I propose that the French resume production of spare parts."

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