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France dévoile are a recherche in intelligence artificielle


A year later I announced annotate to develop the intelligence industry, France today today in Toulouse to a South American strategy wanted him a reel, worth 1 billion euros.

France has become active far from a year ago to impose itself in the domination of intelligence artificielle. Last March, President Emmanuel Macron also had an ambition to pay him as a "leader of intelligence," and I will give you the mathematician and I will give you Cédric Villani to produce a report and strategic recommendations in the domain. Three strategic axes where I am concerned, I assert that the diffusion objective of French innovation causes private and public actors, it will make the voicemail of France in the emerging ethical issues of intelligence and science, evaluate the expertise nationale au world rank

Last summer we wanted the government to leave on November 28 the strategy of Moyens. The Minister of Higher Education and the research Frédérique Vidal and the secretary of the National Association Mounir Mahjoubi in Toulouse shortly thereafter the great orientations of the national strategy of research in intelligence artificial. Celle-ci was burning at 665 million euros of expenses of the Budget of the State in 2022, helped by the investments of the private sector who put the global enveloppe at a million euros, I estimate- on du côté du gouvernement. Six great orientations were designed to "do in luck, with Germany and the European Union, that France is capable of competing with China and the United States."


One of the most important features of the plan rests south on «3IA», which interdisciplinary centers appealed to the public and private interests and to the "friendly vessels" of plan IA. Four college pitches are currently in Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble and Nice. Ils sauront fin janvier 2019 if the label «3IA» reads the agreement and its use of financing estimated at 300 million euros per center. One hundred million euros will be supplemented by companies.

Outre pés de compétences, le gouvernement prévoit d'ouvrir 40 nouvelles chaires d'intelligence artificielle dans les universités françaises. What is INRIA who will be charged for coordinating the national program. Le financiere de 300 nouveaux doctorates par an est également prévu d'ici à 2022. Recherche fonamentale et recherche appliquée seron encouraged au même titre, mais thématique ceramics comme les algorithmiques ou au encore de santé et de mobilité sont d'intérêt prioritaire. The technological research institutes (IRT) will be able to get an envelope of 130 million euros.

Finally, he also provided an annual enveloppe of 200 million euros from 20 to 2022 to consolidate the access to calculus for the chercheurs. Without cell, impossible to reproduce the expériences et de faire again scientific advances. Le Laboratoire Idris du CNRS à Saclay in the Paris region will come into force in 2019 a new supercomputer, not part of the capacities will be reserved for the intelligence artificielle. The total aura machine has a calculation capacity of 10 petaflops (I'm 10 millions of millions of operations per second).

The plan also presented by the Government also made 115 million dollars for the co-operations, especially with Germany, and 100 million euros for the "Great Defiens", from Cyber-scholarly research programs.

Guerre des talents

If you are giveaway, you will be able to use the intelligence engineer, and then put into practice a little bit of power. What's the name of the search engine, or in the 1950's of Alan Turing's birthplace and from the cribs, this discomfort associated with the military purse (autonomous weapons) or economic, with the artificial intelligence that goes back to demain les industries et les entreprises. Les États et les Entreprises rivaled with clarifications of ambitions et de moyens to impose themselves in the course. Au point where some thinkers in geopolitics perceive a surreal effect on the "Sputnik moment" of the warfare froide: "Chacun surenchéit to surpasser the prosecution prêtées to the other field. The United States affronting China in the AI, as well as being opposed to the USSR on the terrain of the spatial conquest », explains Charles Thibout, a member of the International Relations and Stratistics Institute (Iris), spécialiste des enjeux géopolitiques des technologies émergentes.

»LIRE AUSSI: États-Unis – Chine: a science-technology war without mercy

I spent a late retreat in the implementation of a coordinated strategy, France resting one of the pays in the search. Its engineers, doctorates and professors are attending large global companies, who abandon the talent for their labor-intensive research in intelligence engineer. Plusieurs grands names of technology where I installed their centers in France, in the image of Google, Samsung, IBM, Fujitsu, Huawei or Facebook.

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