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Franck Dubosc wants to be a victim of a hate wave

It was one of the first celebrities to formally accept eleven vest. However, very quickly, Franck Dubosce fell down, finally apologizing. Since then, the actor has been the target of many critics, especially among other actors like Muriel Robin and Gérard Darmon. Comedy re-decided that in this case she stuck her skin in December.

Everything started with good intentions. Last December, Franck Dubosce, who was in favor of Yellow Vests, confiscated his Facebook account to show his support. However, a few days after this publication, he commemorated the comedy,excessive, excessiveJust a few hours, it becomes a peeve of the comedy movement members and floods with social networks. In the face of hate that he has raised, the director continues to be a little profile and Touche demands no pity in my post. But nothing is going on, the show continues to worry almost every day. Our colleagues at GQ, in this case, agreed to trust.

In this new year, Franck Dubosc has decided to never interfere with politics. Decision "life!""With a yellow card, I did not start mastering. You're a clown, you're avoiding politics. If it's his niche, this is not my case"he added.
Whoever refuses himselflet your heart talk with Facebook without learning the subject"At the same time,"ode hate""unfair","After getting acquainted with many yellow cards – from Chateauroux to Clermont-Ferrand, Saint-Brieuc, Rouen, Le Mans, they also told me that they threatened social networks. "Why do you do this?" They beat him, "we'll beat you!"" But before you add humor, "It's not time for lunch. When I say "too much hurt, too much nervous", in this stolen video, of course, I did not wear a yellow jacket, but violence, when I was victims of social networks, went out onto the street"says Patrick Chirac.

Today, social networks are highly suspicious "This comment, from the show, did not want to be a public attitude. In any case, there was no exasperation expression. But he was surprised, he was robbed and lived as a betrayal"explains Franck Dubosc who expresses his fraud, confidently confident"One thing I am sure now: Those who are insulted are not roundabouts. White jackets love France and love to return to France. And if you react to heat, from the beginning of the movement, it is good that no one was doing it. Maybe I had to wait or just wait"The actor is over.
These explanations will be enough to grumbling.

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